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Amy Fitta
Tel: 07522 744 226



Meditation Honesty Box


Here you will find many meditations I have recorded over time. You will notice that these offerings are not for sale, but I only ask for a donation. After pondering many different "business models" of how to distribute this content, my heart kept pulling me back to this model. You see, call me a bad businessman, but I want to believe that we can still receive a fair exchange of energy without having to demand, trick or sell people into doing so. I want my offerings to be available to everyone, even those who earn the smallest wage, or indeed may not be working due to illness or an unfortunate circumstance as well as those who live comfortably and abundantly. I want to experiment and truly evolve together. This spiritual path is about the lessons we learn along the way and how we truly integrate them into our life, into every decision we make. Think of this as an honesty box. You can pay what you can and what you think is fair in exchange for my work. Just as a point of reference, one recording can take several hours of planning, writing, recording and editing plus uploading, publishing ect... I leave the honesty box open to you :)  I hope you truly enjoy!

With big love,

Amy Fitta

Grounding Meditation


In this meditation, we use a grounding technique that pulls us 'out of our heads' and back 'into our body', back to presence. A great meditation to use when feeling anxious, nervous, unsettled, or overwhelmed with the busyness of the mind.


Grounding Meditation - Amy Fitta
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Whole and Complete


Yoga Nidra or 'Yogic Sleep'

brings the listener into the deep realms of relaxation where you may drift in and out of dream like states. It is said that here, in the realm of this veil we have access to the fertility of the sub- conscious mind and it is here that deep transformation and healing can occur. In this session, we use the sankalpa -

I am already


Yoga Nidra - Whole and Complete - Amy Fitta
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