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Summer - In Full Bloom

June 17th 9:00-1:00

Let us come together to honour the light-filled potency of the summer solstice and celebrate ourselves In Full Bloom.


This day is about revealing and connecting to our authentic, unapologetic, and empowered selves.

We will start the morning with an opening circle and welcome. Followed by a talk: Chakra Empowerment.

Next, we move into a powerful chakra practice to purify the vessel, ground us, energise our creativity, embrace our sexuality, claim our strength, ignite our inner confidence, open the heart for deeper purpose, connection and passion, and align us to our truth. Putting it all together in an

ecstatic dance ceremony to embody our wisdom.


We will then shift into a more nurturing space of relaxation and meditation, before diving into some thought-provoking inner inquiry to awaken the inner light warrior within.


Next, we have an amazing special guest Malika The Chanting Queen who will help us connect to our authentic voice through the power of chanting and kirtan.


Can't attend live? No problem, go ahead and book anyways and you will receive a play back and workbook to do the workshop at your own pace and time.

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