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Presence. Calm. Inspiration. Joy
Online Yoga and Meditation Classes

Yoga is so much more than just creating shapes with our bodies. Yoga is an inside job. It's how we move, breathe, focus, think, feel and connect. When we step onto our mat - we step into ourselves and we come back home.

The shapes help us to create space within our body, so we have more space within our head and within our heart.


Bringing yoga online was a revolution in the way we practice. It has allowed so many to develop a more consistent practice, from the comfort of their own home. Bringing yoga to you allows you to save time commuting back and forth to a studio. You can even practice in your pjs, roll out of bed, roll out your mat and start your day the best way possible, feeling grounded, centred, calm and a little more mobile and energised.



Sometimes we can't make a live class, and that's not a problem! We have hundreds of

pre-recorded classes for you to catch up on, anytime, anywhere. Organised to easily find what you need, from energising mornings, to relaxed and ready for bed. Join our community and get unlimited access to our yoga on-demand library.


It's not all about the body here at FittaYoga. Our mental health is just as important and I love to explore the inner landscape of the mind with you. In the FittaMind library, you will find plenty of guided meditations that will help bring you some presence, calm, clarity and inspiration.


Work with me on a one to one basis, book me to work privately for a group of friends, or family or to initiate wellness at work.

Let's make some magic together! 

What Members Say

Woman in White Blouse


It's a great understatement to say that Amy enriches and changes lives in all the best possible ways! Amy's commitment, deeply caring gentle approach,  and passion for every 'body' beginning or continuing their own personal yoga journey shines through every single session. Amy consistently encourages us to be our own true selves all with a sense of sparkle and fun in the mix!

Happy Woman


Amy's Teaching is life-changing! Her passion and energy shine through each class as she inspires us to move with strength and joy.


Amy's style of teaching is relaxed and easy to follow as is her delightful voice. I try to listen to her meditations on a daily basis as it's a lovely way to start my day.

Image by Le Minh Phuong


Amy is amazing, beautiful inside & out. She adapts her teaching to all levels and her knowledge and spiritual insight takes her classes to another level. Her voice is calming and she has the ability to leave you feeling energised or relaxed depending on the type of class, but most of all restored and at peace with your own body and mind. I’m honoured to practice with her

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