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Hi, and welcome!

I come here to offer you the lessons and tools I have used along my own journey to peace and love. This life has not always been easy, but I have learned to navigate it with much more ease since learning the practices and philosophy of yoga and meditation in my early adult life, and what a journey it has been!

I have travelled the world in search of a deeper meaning - in searching to understand love, myself and what it means to really be "happy". What I have learned, I share with you. Yes I have certificates, training and hundreds of hours of education I could list off here.. but what is most important in my teachings and offerings never really came from the institution of education - but from the classroom of life.

I have learned what we avoid most has the deepest gift and teaching for us if we lean into it. We must sometimes become comfortable with the uncomfortable to grow - like the melting of a Caterpillar in its chrysalis to become the butterfly.

Living mindfully and with curiosity is my path. To always remind myself to live in the present, to accept every challenge as a lesson and to seek beauty around me and within me - ALWAYS.

I have learned that magic exists, and it does so when you truly believe in it's possibilities and open yourself to it. We are the creators of our world. Write a beautiful story.

Nature has taught me that everything is cyclical. That everything has a beginning and an ending and ones ending is only a new beginning.

Moving my body has showed me my own strength and humbleness and acts as a reminder that all is ever changing. When I commit to training it to move in a certain way, transformation is possible.

I have learned that I am not my mind- nor the stories it tells me. I don't have to live from a place of fear, instead, when I am present, I can live from a place of true gratitude and joy.

Truth has taught me that if I do not live by it and only speak - it- I will suffer, and so too do those around me.

Lastly, love.

My whole life I have been trying to fill this place in my heart with anything that made me feel home, and nothing - no matter how sweet it is at the time, compares to the unconditional love I find when I still my mind and follow my breath. Every time - it takes me home. Every time.

These are my most profound lessons that I have learned throughout this life. It would be an honour to practice with you some more either in person or online and share our journeys, lessons, and walk even if for a brief moment, this path together.

With big love,

Amy Fitta



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