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Private Services

1:1 or Corporate/ Private Groups

Working Out at Home


Working on a one to one and individual basis is sometimes the best way forward. A tailored to you yoga session in the privacy of your own home via zoom. One to one sessions offer convenience, ultimate attention, privacy, and specific development plans. Perhaps you are recovering from an injury or illness, want to spend more time with a specific focus, can't seem to fit group classes into your schedule, or simply get more from direct instruction. A one to one might be for you. Plus - you can share your one to one space with up to 3 people.

Image by Erik Brolin

Corporate/ Private Groups

More than ever before there is an emphasis on wellness in the workplace. Research shows that incorporating a wellness program can improve employee satisfaction, reduce health costs, improve social support and integration, promotes productivity, and can boost confidence and creativity.

Image by Erik Brolin
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