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Booking Terms & Conditions



By booking this retreat with FittaYoga,  you agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of yourself and any other parties included in your booking. 

Room Sharing

If you have chosen to room share you will be an open-minded, compassionate and considerate person and respect the space and character of the person you share with.

We like to encourage new friendships and sharing a room paves the way for great human connections on retreat and the special community feel and vibe.

We regret we are unable to change you to another room if you are not satisfied with your room so if this is something you are concerned about you are free to choose the single supplement booking option on our website.

We cannot be held responsible for any issues concerning room sharing, including but not limited to clash of personalities; disagreements; and snoring. 

We will endeavour to resolve the problem but we cannot take any responsibility for the actions of the person/s in question.

Arrival and Departure

Flights and transfers to and from the retreat are not included in the retreat price and guests are responsible for their own travel. We can, however, help where possible to find the best transfer service with given notice and interest. We will try our best to arrange group transfers to keep costs low. The last quoted price was 260 euros per car fitting 3/4 people one way. The transfer time is 1hr45 mins from either Lisbon or Faro Airport.  


We always recommend travel insurance to help with unforeseen travel disruptions and we can not be held liable nor afford refunds due to failed travel arrangements, cancelled/ missed flights, train strikes, ect..

We ask you to come no earlier than the start time 3pm September 18th, and leave no later than the designated checkout time 12:00pm September 23rd.


Deposit and Payments:

A non-refundable deposit of £200.00 per person must accompany the booking request to secure each place. 

Payments are to be made via bank transfer in Eruos. 

These details are:

Please forward proof of payment via transfer receipt or screenshot as soon as payment is made to be confirmed

The remaining balance is due in two instalments:

  • 50% due by June 4th ( 12 weeks before the start date)

  • The remaining balance is due 8 weeks before the retreat starts (August 11th).

  • Full payment is required to participate in the retreat. Missed payments may result in forfeiting your spot.

  • Bookings made within 8 weeks of the retreat require full payment upfront.

Cancellation Policy

Full Refund: 

You have 24 hours after receiving booking confirmation to cancel and receive a full refund (minus any processing fees).

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.

Deposit Non-Refundable:

After the initial 24-hour window, the deposit of €200 (Euros) becomes non-refundable.

50% Balance Payment Non-Refundable:

The 50% balance payment due on June 4th (12 weeks before the retreat) is also non-refundable after the initial 24-hour window.

Final Payment and Cancellations:

  • The remaining balance of your retreat fee is due in full by August 18th (4 weeks before the retreat).

  • Cancellations received after August 18th will not be eligible for a refund.

We Understand:

We understand that unexpected situations can arise even close to the retreat date. In such cases, we will do our best to fill the vacated spot.

  • We will actively advertise the open spot on our website and through our marketing channels, we ask you do too.

  • If we are able to fill the spot with another guest, we will provide you with a full refund of your total retreat cost (excluding the deposit and any fees).

  • You are allowed to transfer your place to someone else - no problem!

Reasoning for Non-Refundable Payments:

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we strive to be as flexible as possible with our cancellation policy. However, due to our financial commitments to the venue, a significant portion of the retreat cost is secured well in advance. Therefore, the deposit and the 50% balance payment become non-refundable to help us cover these venue-related expenses.

We Highly Recommend Travel Insurance:

To protect yourself in case of unexpected situations that may force you to cancel, we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance.


We are committed to being transparent with our guests. This cancellation policy is clearly displayed on our website and during the booking process.

By booking your retreat, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this cancellation policy.

Retreat Cancellation, Closure or Variation:

If due to unforeseen circumstances, the retreat cannot go ahead we will inform you as soon as possible.

We recommend you take out travel insurance in case this occurs.

I can only refund what has not been paid out to vendors already.

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, hence it is always best to have insurance. I will always try my best to recover and refund as much as I can possible, but retreats are run and organised with multiple vendors, and suppliers and it is not always possible.

Due to mechanical faults, weather conditions, or circumstances outside of our control, some amenities may be temporarily unavailable. We may have to vary the advertised programme due to unforeseen problems but we will endeavour to provide a reasonable alternative.

If a member of staff becomes ill or is injured then we will do our best to find an alternative member of the team as soon as possible. It may result in a change to the programme and classes while we find a replacement.

Pre-Retreat Questionnaire

Eight weeks prior to the retreat each guest will be asked to complete and return a Pre-Retreat Questionnaire.  This will provide us information to allow adequate planning of the retreat itself such as Dietary Requirements, Travel Arrangements, Supplementary Treatment Requests, inclusion in WhatsApp groups etc.

Release & Waiver Form

Guests are required to complete and return the Release & Waiver Form with the balance payment.  All guests must assume that there is an element of risk in taking part in any retreat and that they must take full responsibility for this risk and seek doctors' permission to participate if they have any predetermined heath conditioning.  This form also allows us to utilise any photographs, motion pictures, videotapes, and recordings from the Retreat.

Guest Code of Conduct:

Creating a Positive Retreat Experience

To ensure a harmonious and enjoyable retreat experience for everyone, we kindly ask all guests to agree to the following code of conduct:

Respectful Environment:

  • Treat all fellow guests and staff with courtesy and respect. We have a zero-tolerance policy for negativity, abusive behavior, or anything that disrupts the positive group atmosphere. Guests who violate this will be asked to leave without a refund.

Venue Care:

  • Take care of the retreat venue and leave it clean and tidy. You are financially responsible for any damage caused to the property or its contents. The venue will charge a €1,000 deposit for such damages, which we may then seek reimbursement from you for.

  • Grant access to venue owners and retreat staff when necessary for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

  • Abstain from taking anything from the venue without permission.

Environmental Responsibility:

  • Be mindful of the environment and act in an eco-friendly manner throughout your stay.

Safety and Consideration:

  • Always prioritize safety and act sensibly during the retreat. Adhere to any specific policies or guidelines set by the venue.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the property and on the immediate grounds. Designated smoking areas will be available outside, and all smoking materials must be fully extinguished and disposed of properly in designated safety bins.

  • Maintain a peaceful environment by refraining from loud talking or disruptive behavior that might disturb other guests or staff after 10:00 PM.

By agreeing to these terms, you help us create a safe, respectful, and enjoyable retreat experience for all participants.

Comments and Complaints

We pride ourselves on ensuring that guests are satisfied with their retreat. Of course, there may be something that a guest is not happy about and if this is the case we ask guests to speak with us as soon as possible so we can correct and resolve the grievance. It is important to us that we get the opportunity to fix the issue rather than during the retreat.  Please bear in mind that any claims may be rejected if we are not given the opportunity to put matters right during the retreat. 

Limitation of Liability

FittaYoga  will not accept liability, unless excluded by law, for:

  • Any events beyond our control.

  • Personal injury, illness or death of guests.

  • Health conditions develop during or after the retreat.

  • Not being able to participate on retreat due to train or flight cancellations or loss of luggage or forced closure.

  • Loss or damage to personal property whilst on a retreat week.

  • Not being able to participate on retreat due to ill health.

Data Privacy

FittaYoga  will treat all personal data and information from our Guests, including keeping copies of their identification documents, in accordance with the legal directives in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, of 27th April 2016.

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