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Winter Reverie Virtual Retreat

Rest, Restore, Reflect, and Design Your Soul-Aligned Vision for 2024.

In the quiet beauty of winter, nature shows us the art of renewal.". It's a time for her to rest, cut back, and slow down, shedding what is no longer needed. Yet, it's not a surrender; it's a strategic pause, a planning phase for her imminent return, marked by resilience and anticipation. As we approach January, the season beckons us to embark on our own planning journey for the new year. However, the aftermath of the holiday hustle often leaves us feeling a bit lost or unmotivated, sometimes leading to resolutions that lack the depth needed for lasting change.

The Winter Reverie Virtual Retreat extends an invitation into a sanctuary of renewal, a haven for deep rest and restoration—a deliberate pause amidst life's busyness. Through the gentle practices of restorative yoga, breathwork, meditation, and yoga nidra, you'll enter a space of healing stillness. It's an opportunity to sit down and digest the past year, extracting the nutritive wisdom from both the highs and lows.

Our journey includes the powerful tool of a reflection and coaching workbook, guiding you in crafting a vision that resonates with your authentic self. Take time for yourself, nourish your soul, and equip yourself with the tools needed for lasting change. Join us in this sacred space where the hangover of the holiday season fades away, replaced by clarity and inspiration.

Together, we'll navigate from feeling adrift to creating a vision for 2024 that transforms the unmotivated into the inspired, and the unclear into the aligned. Join us on this extraordinary Winter Reverie Virtual Retreat and witness the unfoldment of your inner soul's vision for the year ahead.

Seasonal Reset & Deep Rest

Rejuvination & Inspiration

Soul- Aligned Purpose

The Winter Reverie  Transformative Pillars


Rest and Rejuvenate:

Immerse yourself in restorative practices, including yoga nidra, breathwork, and meditation, creating a sanctuary for deep rest and rejuvenation.


Transform Unmotivation into Inspiration:

Move from feeling lost and unmotivated to inspired and aligned, equipped with the tools needed for lasting positive change.


Soul-Aligned Vision:

Craft a vision for 2024 that authentically resonates with your values, desires, and soul intentions.

In the comfort of your own home

Comprehensive Printable Workbook

Lifetime Access to Session Recordings


Let me share why I do this process every year and my own, personal journey.


A few years ago, as January and February approached, I found myself caught in a cycle of dwindling energy, lacking motivation, and facing the upcoming year with a sense of trepidation. I felt lost, directionless, and exhausted.


It was then that I began to recognise the subtle wisdom in the changing seasons. Nature, in her gentle way, was urging me to rest, to reassess, and to align with the energies of the season.


Embracing this wisdom, I prioritized rest, took the time to discern what was truly essential, and embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I came to understand that the secret to navigating this peculiar season wasn't to resist its currents but to dance in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

By getting quiet and still, by listening to the whispers of my soul, I found renewed energy, clarity and direction. This process, rooted in the wisdom of nature, became transformative for me. It allowed me to craft a vision for the new year—one that was inspiring because it was authentic to my heart's desires, not just dictated by societal expectations.

From there, I could create a plan, taking small, intentional steps to align my path with the growth I envisioned for the coming year.

I share this personal story with you because I understand the challenges that this season can bring and the transformative power of aligning with its energy. I'm here to guide you through a similar process of rest, reflection, and the creation of a soul-aligned vision.


Together, we'll navigate the path from feeling lost and tired to a space of clarity, inspiration, and intentional growth. If my journey sounds familiar, consider this your invitation. If you've ever felt lost, low in energy, or adrift, come and discover the transformative magic that awaits in the Winter Reverie Virtual Retreat.


What People Are Saying


"I didn't relaise how much I needed this! Such a wonderful way to start the new year, I feel so inspired! A truly rejuvenating experience I can't recommend enough!"


 "It was wonderful to take a whole half day out for myself and just gain some perspective on life as it is now and where I am going in the future!"


"I LOVED your mini-retreat – thank you so very much! truly a nurturing space … and great to have the recording and workbook too!"
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