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Remember Remember- Sweet Sweet November

The call to reflect and remember is upon us. To honour those lives who have passed but which still go on forever living within our hearts. To remember and celebrate all who have fertilised the soil in which we are still able to sow and grow. With the energy of Samhain, Halloween, the day of the dead and Remembrance day, I truly feel this is a special time of year. They say this is when the veil between worlds is at it's thinnest.

This was really the first year I have thought so deeply about the meaning behind all of these days and this time of year. I suppose I have always seen the sugar coated side of Halloween, literally, and remembrance day just followed on from bonfire night. I was so enthralled in the celebrations, the deeper meaning, although I knew it was there, somehow wasn't the star of the show.

However this year, I was more curious, and I did alot of meditating around remembering and celebrating. I find it very nurturing, inspiring and essential to be in sync with the rhythms of nature. There is deep wisdom when we connect and commune with mother earth. And at this time of year, she is reminding us that death is a beautiful and necessary process in life. So I went to my favourite spot to connect with nature's energy and light a candle to remember all those who have passed in my life.  May we celebrate death not as an ending but a beginning. Not something that is final, but transformative. Like the leaves that fall from the tree. Let us not mistaken the decaying leaves as the trees end, but a necessary part of its renewal in the spring. Halloween is a celebration of that which terrifies us. The darkness, the decay the death. But without any of these things we wouldn't have light -life- fertile grounds in which to grow. Let us not be afraid of the totality of our existence. Let us not be attached to the day light and unable to welcome the dark. Both are equally as beautiful. Both are as equally necessary. Thanking all of my ancestors, friends and teachers of the past. Their wisdom, guidance and love still lives on inside of me like an eternal flame.

Perhaps you too would like to create a ritual, a meditation  or even an alter to remember those who are no longer with us physically in this life. Let it be personal to you. Every religion/ spiritual tradition will have their own special ways of doing things. Find one that resonates with you. A few simple suggestions:

  • Light a candle in remembrance - or to symbolise the light within the darkness

  • Go outside and just be in nature

  • Write a letter to someone who is no longer with us then bury it or burn it

  • Make an offering, flowers, food gifts 

  • In the old celtic Samhain traditions - and can be seen in many traditions all over the world, there would be a special feast where a chair and table setting would be set for the dead

  • Or just simply sit, close your eyes and remember. Not with sadness that they are no longer with us, but with gratitude in your heart for all the memories and gifts they bore when they were here, and all that is still within you- still guiding you to this day

Sending big gratitude and heart full of love this month of Remembrance.

Love, peace and practice, Amy xxx

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