Santosha : The secret to a happy life.

Santosha, the second of the niyamas, reminds us to be content with all that we have, and all of who we are.

There is alot of money being made convincing us that our happiness lies just within this bottle, just after we buy this new phone, just over there in that bigger house. The beauty industry makes sure that we only feel beautiful when we apply their products or get that treatment or loose those 7lbs in 7days. Even all of the self help books and spiritual masterclasses promise happiness - upon completion of their miracle course.

There are endless promises that are being made that make us feel that happiness is somewhere or in something and it will come just when you...... The trouble is, we start to feel like happiness is always just out of our reach and we embark on the endless search for it. All of these promises just feed the negative thoughts and feelings about what we have, where and who we are in the moment. Satosha asks us to skip out the middle man, and to be happy.. right now. It is the practice of cultivating happiness from within, not from external satisfactions.  It’s being content with what is in this moment.  It’s knowing that we are whole and complete and nothing is missing.

When we are always searching for our happiness in external sources or when we reach our ideal l