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Suddenly Spring

This week marks the official arrival of spring. All around us we can see signs that life is beginning to re-awaken. There seems to be a freshness, a playfulness and an excitement in the air as the bird song grows louder, days become longer and the dull landscape is once again splashed with vibrant colour. Everywhere you look there's evidence that nature is slowly starting to yawn it's way out of hibernation.

It can be all too easy however, to miss all of this excitement. To one day look out the window in view of a voluptuous pink blossom tree and say, "oh, it's suddenly spring". To not notice the swelling buds adorning the tree branches, or the shy peak of a tulip emerging from it's safe winter bulb. It's all too easy to miss out on the thrill of the changing season because we simply aren't paying attention. Perhaps our eyes are too busy being seduced by our smart phones, or we are too busy with the drama of everything else in our lives, rushing from here to there, from one thing to the next with no time to stop and smell the daffodils.  Maybe, we got stuck on auto pilot as we become bored of the monotony of doing the same thing, sleep, eat work, repeat. Our brains operating at a very minimal level, just enough to get us safely where we need to go without bumping into to much, whilst we are living a fantasy life somewhere else, in the clouds of our mind.  We are all guilty of this at some point in our lives ( think about the last time you got somewhere, home or to work, but couldn't actually recall the journey).

There, but not really... there. Not present. Not mindful. Not awake.

It surprised me to hear how many people commented on how spring has just suddenly arrived, even I was surprised to see how quickly the landscape around me has changed. As if overnight, whilst we were all in our beds, tiny little elves came sliding down their elf ropes with shovels and spades strapped to the waist ready to pot and plant their way through every patch of soil, decorating the trees with blossoms and greenery like baubles and tinsel so when we wake up it's like christmas morning!

It made me realise perhaps I too, need to slow down, to pause more often and just watch the magical transformation of spring unfold before my eyes.

It all comes down to the Pause.

Pausing often, stopping what we are doing, looking up from our phones, going to a window and just becoming completely present  %100. The pause allows you to be still and quiet long enough to hear the sweet symphony of birdsong, or the padder of a spring shower, to smell springs alluring perfume, to see life coming out of hibernation.

When we pause, we step off of life's merry go round and see the beauty in the present moment. The peace, the joy, the perfection that is happening right now. All of what we are missing out on when we are busy doing, not being. When we are "making a living", but not actually living.   I dare you to practice it right now. Go to a window and open it, or even go out side, and pause. Just be still. For a few moments, or a few minutes. Open all of your senses and be completely immersed in this moment, in the blossoming of spring. Give all of your attention to what is happening right here, right now. Allow yourself to soak in all of the beauty and peace around you, so that you may feel it within you.

Go ahead..............  Pause....

Allow yourself to witness the process of the blossoming. Celebrating all the small triumphs that lead to the dazzling spectacle. To all the small miracles that add up to the sum of our glorious spring.

And let this pass on to your everyday. Pause often to appreciate the present moment, to celebrate the smallest of achievements rather than focusing always on the big goals. It is the tiny grain of sand that accumulates to make our beloved sandy beaches.

Love and practice xx


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