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Up The Mountain

In this week's classes, we have talked a few times about climbing mountains to get

a different perspective, both metaphorically and literally, and yesterday I felt the power of

this so deeply true.

After a tough morning with some old wounds being ripped open and in need of licking again, I finally took myself out of the house for a change of scenery and fresh air. I ran along the beachfront and up the local cliff edge called Sítio, which overlooks the stunning fishing village of Nazaré, the paradisiacal beach and the rolling hills behind

where I live. It was a combination of the endorphins from the sweaty run but also there was something about climbing up to this vantage point, and the change of perspective, that was spectacularly healing.

In that place, I felt a sense of deep bliss, of reassurance, of deep connection with something so much bigger than my thoughts, stories, and ego-self. It was humbling.

Then as soon as I started walking down the path again, literally the descent from my enlightenment, the stories started to return once again. The noise came flooding back. I laughed and remembered this reading from this week's book club chapter...

Before Zen, mountains were mountains and trees were trees.

During Zen, mountains were the thrones of the spirits and trees were the voices of wisdom.

After Zen, mountains were mountains and trees were trees. - Dōgen

It made me chuckle at how true this was. We can't stay in that state of bliss forever, we must come down the mountain and tend back to the real world. BUT... what we can do, is to not forget the wisdom, the lay of the land as we saw it clearly from above. We must not forget the bigger picture, the paradise that is life, even with all its messiness and imperfections.

Have you had a similar experience?

How do you feel when you come out of your Zen and back into reality?

Are you able to keep a little with you sometimes?

Do you feel changed at all?

I love to hear from you! Send me an email or tell us in the WhatsApp group :)

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Thanks @Amy Fitta and @Sharon Waterton for sharing the mountain perspective ... Where you live Amy sounds lovely and a great place to get out ... but, if it's anything like me, it's challenging to appreciate the lovely view when my head is full of disputes, anger, frustrations etc etc etc. I love that feeling of zooming out (which I also get from having hiked up a hill, although not always to the top ... the mountains here are high in Austria and I usually use a cable car or two to help!) I can also get a similar sense from some yoga sessions or meditation, or relaxing after a little run. Thanks for sharing and it reminds me t…

Mi piace

Hi there Amy climbing mountains is my passion as is hiking . I don‘t get opportunity as much as I would love but when it’s possible there is nothing like it . I love being away from everything , peaceful and seeing the whole view at the top , time to think , time to be comforted , nurtured by nature and the sheer awesomeness of it all !! I’ve also got a feeling that for me it’s something to do with escape and it feels the further up you go the more the outside world /people etc can’t get to you ! As you say of course it’s temporary but it can help sort out your mind , you…

Mi piace
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