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1. strengthen or support physically or mentally.
2. bear (the weight of something) without breaking or falling
3. cause to continue for an extended period or without interruption
4. uphold, 
affirm, or confirm the justice or validity of

Yoga Retreat in Alentejo, Portugal

September 18-23, 2004


Breathe Deep. Unwind. Sustain.

Imagine waking to a symphony of birdsong, whispering pines, and the sweet Portuguese air filling your lungs. Unfurl your mat in our sun-drenched shala, the forest's scent a calming embrace. Nurture your body with a Ying and Yang yoga practice, deepen your meditation and discover how to sustain a meditative state even off the mat.

Learn how to make your yoga practice truly sustainable for your body through insightful workshops. Explore the local village,  rest your bones in our woodland sauna, hike breathtaking coastal trails, or simply soak up the sun by the pool or on the beach.


Unwind each-day with restorative yoga and deep relaxation, resetting your nervous system for lasting peace and rejuvenation.

This retreat is more than a vacation, it's a transformation.

Here's what you can expect:

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  • Six days and five nights beautiful sustainable boutique venue in Alentajo, Portugal.  

  • 4 ha ( 9 acres ) of land to wander and explore

  • Pool / Gym / Sauna / Walking/ running circuit

  • 12 minutes walking from town

  • Access to several hiking trails

  • 15 minutes drive from the beach

  •  Open-air Shala in the woods

  • 5 nurturing and energising yoga sessions

  • 4 restoring and relaxing evening sessions

  • 1 sunset beach yoga

  • 10 meditation sessions

  • 2 Sustainable yoga workshops

  • Delicious and healthy daily brunch and dinner included. We use local, organic and artisanal products only.

  • Snacks, Fruit 

  • Aromatized water is always available
    Local Wine, beer, and kombucha for sale

  • 2 trips to the beach are included. One day to just relax, or get into the surf, the second day, we will hike along the beautful coastal path, then practice our yoga and meditation as the sun goes down over the sea. A portuguese sunset isn't to be missed!

Other excursion options ( not included):

  • Bicycle rental

  • Massage

  • Surf Classes 

  • SUP

  • Horse riding (guided) 

  • Local Vinyard tour, wine & tapas tasting

  • Artisanal workshops (Photography / Cooking / Ceramic) on request

***Flights and transfers to the villa are not included but let us know your flight/train arrival and we can organise best-rate transfers. The nearest airports are Lisbon and Faro appx 1hr45 minutes away.


Image by Antonio Mendes

Does your yoga practice feel like a distant friend?

You love the feeling after a good session, but finding the time and space to consistently roll out your mat can be a challenge. Or maybe you yearn to deepen your practice, explore new dimensions, and strengthen your connection to the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga.

The "Sustain" Retreat is your invitation to reconnect, not just with your practice, but with yourself. Nestled in the heart of Alentejo, Portugal, this retreat offers a transformative immersion designed to reignite your passion and build a sustainable practice that nourishes you for life.


Escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in the unique beauty of Alentejo, where the rural landscape collides with the rustic coastline of Costa Vicentina. Breathe in the fresh air, soak up the stunning scenery, and reconnect with your inner self.

Why Attend the Sustain Retreat?

  • Rekindle Your Passion: Escape the daily grind and dedicate a full week to your practice. Immerse yourself in nourishing yoga sequences, workshops, and guided meditations, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and inspired in this breathtaking Alentejo setting.

  • Deepen Your Understanding: Go beyond the poses. Our retreat delves into the philosophical and anatomical foundations of yoga, helping you develop a more holistic understanding of the practice and its impact on your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Strengthen Your Practice: Through workshops on adapting yoga to your body and personalized guidance from an experienced teacher, you'll refine your technique, discover new possibilities, and build a practice that's both challenging and sustainable.

  • Develop New Awareness: Dedicated time for reflection and mindfulness practices will help you cultivate a deeper awareness of your body, mind, and emotions. You'll leave the retreat with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

  • Build a Sustainable Habit: Learn practical tools and strategies to integrate yoga seamlessly into your daily life. Gain the confidence and inspiration to maintain a consistent practice long after you return home.

Sample Itinerary 

The Sustain Retreat is more than a vacation; it's an investment in your well-being.


It's an opportunity to reconnect with your practice, deepen your understanding,

and create a sustainable path to lasting peace and vitality

– all while experiencing the magic of Alentejo.

Reserve Your Room

All rooms have private bathrooms.

Share a room or book a room to yourself.

No one to come with? No worries, we can find you a roommate :)

Rustic Charm Rooms

  • Rooms in the villa by the pool

  • Each room has a private bathroom

  • Access to living room and kitchen

  • Rooms with fan and heating

  • Extra comfort beds and linens made in Portugal

  • Ecological top-quality toiletries

  • 5 nights accommodation 

  • Daily Yoga - Morning/ Evening

  • Daily Meditation

  • 2 Workshops

  • 5 Brunches, 3 lunches, 5 Dinners

  • Use of facilities - gym/ sauna/ pool / lounge areas

  • 2 x trips to the beach

Sharing (2 x twin or double bed)

€937 Regular Price (per person)

Single occupancy

€1397 Regular Price

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