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Image by Jana Niggeloh

Autumn Equinox

Preserving Our Health & Vitality
WorkShop Bundle

Equinox Balance and Vitality:
Nurturing Health as We Transition into Autumn


This Workshop Bundle is a profound journey of self-care and restoration, guiding you in unwinding from the fiery energy of summer and embracing the grounding essence of autumn. As we shift from the dynamic energy of Fire to the nourishing nature of Earth, we invite you to slow down and create a nurturing space for deep rest, self-inquiry, and rejuvenation.


Through practices like yin and restorative yoga, meditation, journaling, gentle energy medicine techniques, and guided self-lymphatic massage, you'll not only find equilibrium within but also reconnect with the harmonious rhythms of the season.


Together, we'll craft simple yet potent herbal remedies using household and garden ingredients, empowering you to preserve your health and reinforce your immunity in preparation for the colder months ahead.

Workbook and recording included.

Image by Chinh Le Duc

What's Included?

Part 1

A beautifully powerful, balancing and clearing Energy Medicine Practice 

wtih Wendy Manister

Part 2

A nourishing Restorative Yoga class that incorperates self lymphatic massage -

with Amy Fitta.

Part 3

Self enquiry / Self Reflection Through Meditation and Journaling


Part 4

Crafting Herbal Remedies to Reinforce Health & Immunity

With Special Guest


Wendy Manister

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Wendy is passionate about working with energy to improve one's life. She has been qualified in everything from Reiki to Qi Gong and is now applying her energy medicine into the yoga practice. She is here to teach us how to use energy medicine to balance the Earth element, bringing in deep nourishment and helping us transition into the next season.

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