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Feeling Fresh

Seasonal Workshop
Inspired by Ayurveda

Need an energy boost after the long winter?

  In Ayurveda, spring is the season of Kapha - which is quite heavy and sticky, so sometimes as spring approaches, it's no wonder why we can still feel sluggish and dull from the winter. Hence, it is the best time to learn ways in which we can beat the winter blues, and invite the invigorating and light energy of spring into our being.


  Shortly after the spring equinox, we gathered live for a mini virtual retreat/ workshop day where we learned all about restoring vitality through a seasonal practice, including seasonal pranayama, energising asana, and cleansing meditation.  


Image by Calum Lewis

We learned what Ayurveda is, and what a dosha is and we also did a quiz to find our constitution.

We then learned which dosha is associated with spring and the seasonal wisdom we can find in ayurveda that helps us move through this transition from late winter to early spring with much more ease and energy!

We cover things like how to make small refinements to our lifestyle, our diet and our movements.  There were journal prompts

reflection moments and even a spring clean planner to fill out.

All are included in the 30+ page workbook.

AND...   We ended our day by making a simple yet delicious Ayurvedic cleanse staple that will gently support your body as you reset and restore your vital energy!  

So if you want to be nourished by seasonal movement, meditation, ayurvedic knowledge and even a bit of cooking magic.....

What's Included?


Part 1

Seasonal Practice

An hour and forty minute Kapha balancing yoga practice with seasonal pranayama and an energy cleansing guided relaxation 

Feeling Fresh Spring Workbook (4).png

Part 2

In this section we will work through the workbook starting with an introduction to ayurveda, discovering our dosha and constitution, then what we can do to balance kapha dominant dosha during spring.

Image by Monika Grabkowska

Part 3

In this section we will move to the kitchen and go over why seasonal cleanses are helpful and how ayurveda has a different approach to cleaning in spring. We will then make together a traditional cleanse staple.

Feeling Fresh Workbook.png



Download, print or just open and edit online the Feeling Fresh Spring Retreat Workbook. Packed full of ayurvedic wisdom, tips, journal prompts, cleanse recipe and more.


"The finished  dish! Sautéed carrots and kale  and  newly laid egg from the farmers market  on top. Delicious !  It was so tasty. Thank you for the Retreat this morning. The time flew by and then it was lunch.   It was lovely cooking with you  and discussing the Ayurvedic body types  and how to traverse gently into Springtime .  I will skin brush, tongue scrape  and work up a sweat to get rid of those pesky toxins! "  

— Rossie

spring dish 2.jpg

"Thanks so much for yesterdays Spring retreat Amy. Me and Jan both really enjoyed it. We will def be incorporating some of the Ayurvedic rituals into our morning routine and are going to do a cleanse with this delicious dish that we made all together yesterday. Thank you so much! xxxx" 

— Jan & Rachel

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