Oh how the Winds of Change Blow

March is here. That time of year where we find ourselves unsure if winter has truly left us allowing us to move on and warmly welcome spring - or will we still wake up to find snow swirling and whirling around - dancing it's way to settle on the ground.

The budding flowers and trees too share this uncertainty with us. They slowly and sleepily start to send their new shoots and buds up from the earth, not quite sure they should risk blossoming just yet in case of another bitter frost...or as we are seeing now, the threat of a March blizzard! So ... they sit with this hesitation. Some brave it - almost as if they can not contain their excitement, and others - shy away and hide where it is warm and safe. I know their uncertainty, their ambiguity. Change is in the air! For me, it is not only just the uncertainty of the changing seasons, but of bigger shifts to come, and there are times where I too want to burrow under my duvet and hide away until the safety of the sun returns... But, my practice is there.. to slowly coax me out and stoke the bravery needed to fully blossom into my potential.

I would like to share my experience with change, for my teachings can only ever truly come from this place, from the constant study of myself, and the uncomfortableness of this being human.  The whirling winds of change can sometimes knock me right on my ass, but yet, I rise.. I persevere as I know this is all part of spring - of blossoming. These are some of the principles I have learned that have helped me instead of being blown over, to lift and set the sails to use that wind to move me in the direction of where I am meant to be. Change is inevitable - the only constant in life, is indeed change itself. Life is not linear, as much as we try to control it to be. It is cyclical in nature, like the cycle of the moon, the seasons, the birth/ death cycle plays on and on... We can choose to deny it - or we can flow with it. Ignoring it is unwise, it will eventually scream for your attention. Awareness and acceptance is the first step in truly moving forward.

My yoga practice is my way of constantly examining the change within me. Every time I come to my mat, my body is different, the way it feels - different from the time before, the way I feel in myself, in my heart- different, the state of mind I am in - always different. As I slow down and deepen my breath, those swirling whirling winds of my life start to settle enough that I get a truer glimpse of where I am, who I am and evaluate where I need to go.

Change requires trust - A trust in yourself that you are capable of things you can't even imagine. A faith that all that happens is part of a bigger purpose, the bigger picture, a greater plan. That every challenge we face is only a gift in disguise.  That every person we meet is a teacher. Life is a constant training ground - preparing us for our awakening, our hero's journey. Self doubt can be self sabotage. Believe in your self. It takes courageous work - deep work, to ask ourselves why we don't believe, trust, have faith - but that work will be life changing. Dig deep. Trust that magic happens and invite it in. Change can be uncomfortable, icky, painful and downright destructive, but growth is all of this. Do you know that in order for a Caterpillar to change into a butterfly it literally melts in it's chrysalis? That transformation must be uncomfortable but yet, necessary for the beauty of the butterfly to emerge.

Change requires the practice of non- attachment - Are you willing to let go? Buddha said that all suffering is rooted from our attachments - when we cling on to what once was and are not willing to accept the reality of what now is. We tightly grip, try to control and deny the truth - which leads to struggle, a