Satya ...Ain't that the truth!

Today, let's start to unpack the second of the Yamas, Satya. Yamas, if you are just tuning in, are the vows of things we shouldn't do as yogis walking the yogic path. They are not rules necessarily, nor sins, and no one is looking down on you to make sure you are always behaving. They do however, when followed, make the path toward a more peaceful and fulfilling life much easier to obtain. Perhaps we can say, in order to feel a little bit of 'heaven on earth' it helps to heed their guidance.

Satya translates from sanskrit as truthfulness or simply truth. With that being said, this yama is typically referred to as a guidance to always speak your truth, a.k.a don't lie. That's rather over simplified, but equally very important. We all tell little white lies from time to time whether that is to protect someone from something, cover up and hide something we don't want to reveal, or simply just to take the easy way out of a situation. For example, your friend invites you around for dinner and when you get there, you find out what she made is your least favorite meal in the world. Literally makes you yack. You take a few bites to be polite and say you are not hungry, leaving your plate mostly full. Later, she catches you ordering a pizza on your way home because you are actually ravenous and she get's offended.

We do it all the time. But sometimes the little white snowflake of a lie snowballs into something much bigger, and causes discomfort and distress for yourself and/ or others. For instance, you take the day off work because you are 'ill', yet your partner was off work and you just wanted to take advantage of that time and the unusually good weather. He posts a picture on Facebook, not knowing your little scheme, and suddenly your boss has liked the picture. Do you think you would rest easy that night? Perhaps the rest of the day is spent riddled with the anxiety of facing your boss the next day and owning up to your deceit. Perhaps the relationship of trust has been broken, and that is a difficult repair job.